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- Waterproof and watertight Peli Cases - ACR offers watertight Peli Cases, made in polypropilene, resistant to shocks, falls and corrosion. These sealed cases , ideal for the protection of your equipment during transport, including several of your models within a pre-cut foam to adapt of your sensitive items.

- Cases for laptop - The new professionals Peli laptop cases are the best protection for your computer. If in your business travels, it is essential always be accompanied by your computer, these special cases will give you calm to carry your equipment in the safest conditions. 

- Peli cases for .. - ACR supply the prestigious Peli Cases with high quality and durability. The different interior finishes make these waterproof cases are the perfect complement to the transportation and security of your equipments. We offer Peli cases for:

-Pelicase for transporting arms

-Pelicase for photographic equipment

-Pelicase for audiovisual equipment

-Pelicase for pouch

-Pelicase for custody film

-Pelicase for medical and electromedical equipment   

-Pelicase for samples

-Pelicase for telecommunications equipment

-Pelicase for the transport of military equipmet

-Pelicase for aerospace equipment

-Pelicase for special transport

- Cases for arms and guns - Professional Peli cases to carry arms, ensure sepcial protection of your ammunition and weapons. With a special sizes designed for these items and foams to suit them, guarantee their safety.

- Remote Area Lighting System (RALS)- Easily transportable due their ease to include all equipment in one case, these lighting fixtures are used by both security forces and in contruction projetc. All their lamp contain at least 12 LEDS, can also choose cases as the model 9430IR with infrared night vision.

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